Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dad sends-

It’s Fathers Day 2009, a special day, and one I have known about for nearly 60 years but only enjoyed and understood for the last 35.

From the time I was a young man of 20, I knew he was coming and I knew what his name would be; Gordon Lynn Hyde II, not a junior, but just like myself only better. On November 18, 1973 he arrived. I had my son and the greatest adventure began.

He walked before 8 months, he was gifted from the beginning, and he knew it. He excelled in doing all things, quicker, easier, better and with less effort than those around him. He developed an easygoing nature that bonded him to all and to everyone he met.

He loved life and lived it fully with his family and his friends. He loved the social life with people, loved the outdoors, skiing, fishing, hunting, camping, it did not matter which or where. He loved it all. During his first 18 years of life I worked in the mining industry and was transferred from one state to another, Gordon went to three different high schools in Utah, Nevada and California.

Years later while fishing in Costa Rica I asked him if he felt cheated by not staying in one spot, he answered, “I had the best life, I have friends all over the world, everywhere I go I see people I know, I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

I had a very special relationship with my boy nicknamed Doogie; he was my son, my business partner, and my friend. Our relationship was not unlike brothers. Neither of us had a brother and I believe in many ways we fulfilled that need with each other, right up to the final day of his life. I was still his father, and had the obligation and responsibility to tell him what he needed to do and that he could do it better, but there was no need to drill it into him, just tell him that I loved him and that he could do better.

He was always looking for a project to do. As a boy and young man he did all of the things young people do, marbles, kites, and bicycles. And then came computers. The early ones did not do much but he found a new love, one that would stay with him until the end. Technology was here and it was moving as fast as he was. And it had no limit nor boundary, except for the mind of the person behind it. He had found the one thing that he would never be able to out perform, out think or out do and he was at peace with his equal.

Our business H&H Technology, said it all, Hyde and Hyde and Technology. It was only natural that anything with a computer in it was where he wanted to be. Not the “Gweeb” behind the keyboard but the man inside the machine and the program. The business was the backbone for many of the grand adventures we shared. It provided the means and the way to travel, see, do and live a live that was perfect in everyway.

We traveled together to Alaska, Guatemala, Panama, Mexico, and any other place that we could think of that had fish we had not seen or caught. We were in every state in the union, on the go all the time. The travel led him to the next great adventure in his life. My best friend Truitt had a son named Tom one month older than mine, and his son and mine were best friends. Visiting Tom in Phoenix one Thanksgiving Doogie met his wife to be, Valerie. I always knew he would marry, but I thought he was far too busy to find the “very best right one”. He had many girlfriends but they were short lived. Not this one from Arizona! I almost met her at a Jazz game, I had two sets of tickets, one on each side of the arena, I could see them but she never was able to pick me out in the crowd, I however, saw her immediately. I wonder now as I did many times since that time, how could my son have been so blessed to find her or perhaps she found him!

Our business took us back and forth across the county. We had a job in Idaho that needed a follow up visit. I asked him a couple of times if he was going to get up there and take care of it and as usual he gave me the look that he referred to as “Driving Miss Daisy” look. Finally he came out of his office and asked me to drive him over to Salt Lake #2 airport. He told me he had a friend that just happened to be going to Pocatello and he was going to fly up with him so he did not have to drive. I may be old, but I’m not stupid. I realized that there was something going on. When he returned several hours later, he confessed, “I’m learning to fly and I didn’t want to tell you because I knew you would say it wasn’t safe”.

Little did I know then that he had now found what was to become his other passion! It was a natural; fast paced, a lot of technical things to learn and master and the ability to travel quickly from one place to another. It also opened a door to a new set of friends, friends that in some ways would limit my time with him but that would help him move to the next level.

Grandchildren started to arrive and my life and his were elevated to the next level. I knew that as he was my future, they were his. Now, there would be three generations doing things together. Life was only getting better.

He was everything I would have hoped for, a good son, a good friend, a good husband and a good father. He had two boys and I called all three of them “my boys”. But there was something still missing. He thought two was all he needed. “One more” was another great decision of his life, his little girl Hailey.

Six weeks ago I was in Phoenix to go to the Gun Show with him, and to meet our Cousins from California with whom we had a close and special relationship. Hailey got up early with me and was watching TV when Doogie came down stairs, the first thing she wanted was to have her fingers and toe nails done, a special thing that they had developed. I watched the care and love between them as he painted them for her and listened to the dialog between them. They had found each other.

Later when I asked him if he had known how special a daughter was, he said how could anyone know without experiencing it, that they were so different and so special and so total different. Again he loved the difference between things and saw the beauty of that difference.

Last summer, I took my boys and went fly-fishing on the Green River a place Doogie and I spent a lot of time at, a place that was special. The kids caught their first fish on dry flies and we talked about the things we would do and the places we would go. We would hunt deer in the fall. We would fish and hunt the following summer in Nevada. It would be their first time on our annual trip, a trip we loved and that we had taken for the last twenty years to Winnemucca. Life was good and complete when we were together, “me and my boys”.

My boys and I went hunting for deer last year, camped out for a week, with the boys’ other Grandfather, and our cousins from California. What a great adventure. Again we talked of what we would do, how we would do it and the fun we would experience together. As the boys left heading back to Arizona I told them I would be down at Christmas for our usual week of dove hunting, to get the shotguns oiled up and to get ready. A trip that did not happen due to other important things going on in our busy lives.

Doogie was the best at everything he did, he fulfilled every wish and dream that I ever had for and of him. He loved his wife, his children, his sisters and his mother and I knew he loved me. Nothing went unsaid between us; there was never a moment when we did not know where the other stood or why. We were father and son, and friends.

He called me from the airport in Chicago to wish me a happy Memorial Day. He told me that he wanted to thank me for my service to our county, that he had seen many people in uniform and that it had touched him. He told me he loved me and that we would hook up later. I was fishing on Yuba Lake with Shuse, a friend who has become my brother, it was 12:28 pm and it was the last time I spoke with him.

Now he is gone. I don’t feel cheated or short changed in anyway but I do feel sorry for those who never got to meet him or to experience him, for they have been cheated and short changed. I now have a sacred and special calling to step up closer to the plate and to live better, longer and closer to those we love; a calling that I will endeavor to make him proud of me for fulfilling.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Did you know....

Doogie loved picking out Dooney & Bourke purses for his wife and sisters? He says..
"Duck Out" meaning make sure the duck symbol is facing out so he can see it!!

Doogie drove a Doog truck Chevy, before he had his Doog Truck Dodge.. It was really loud and he loved it. He use to take me to school and embarrass (ok he made me cry) me to the point that I would beg my father to please make him stop. When I hear "glass pack" or hear another loud truck take off I still shutter.

Doogie mastered all trampoline moves and taught his boys how to do back flip after back flip without stopping or taking an extra bounce.

Doogie was 5 foot 1 inch when he got his first license in Winnemucca, Nevada. He grew 13 inches in one year. Ouch!

Doogie keeps every electronic key card to all the hotel rooms he has ever stayed at?

Doogie loved Muenster cheese, chocolate pudding, nutty bars, frozen cupcakes, granola bars, oreos, ceviche and plantain??? Who am I kidding... he loved food, all types. Loved trying new things whenever he was able to.

Doogie had a "special" relationship with a monkey on a string that he gave a pea to in Barbados. Oh...that monkey showed Doog how much he loved him!!!

Doogie loved to see people experience life in new ways, that he had seen or experienced before. He was so excited to see Matt happy as a child being rained on in a rainforest, seeing a orange crab crawling around in the rainforest, or a boiling lake in Dominica.

Gretchen Gunn sends

My heart is heavy to hear about Doogie! It has been many years since I saw him, but I will always remember that great smile and positive attitude. My love and thoughts to all of you.
Gretchen Gunn

Julie Fackrell sends -

When i got the email from my Dad the other day, my heart sunk and the tears started to fall almost immediately. It makes me wish I had a chance to get to know Doogie. My Dad always speaks so highly of him and all of you guys. I think the hardest thing to picture is your Mom. She, and all of you are a constant on my mind and in my prayers. It's so hard to understand something like this and it just doesn't seem fair. My love and hugs to all of you.

Captain Patric sends-

I didn't know Gordon well, I'd say we were good acquaintances. Gordon somehow knew me first, When I started working for SkyWest not quite 3 years ago, I remember he would always say hi to me in passing, and he always knew my name. I always felt bad because I couldn't figure out how he knew me or how he knew my name. Finally one day someone told me he worked at Scenic, before SkyWest. This helped a bit, because I too worked at Scenic, but I still could remember Gordon. Regardless, Gordon became a familiar face at work. When I transfered to Chicago this past January, I ran into Gordon more often, than when I was based in Salt Lake City. Every time I walked into the crewroom, if Gordon was in there, I always got a "Hey Patric" from him. We would always shoot the breeze for a few minutes, ask each other if we were starting or finishing a trip, say something to the effect of "when Mesa was gonna go belly up" and then go about our day. About a week before the accident, I was sitting in the Chicago crewroom, Gordon pulled up a chair next to me, sat down and said "So what are we gonna do about Mesa, Patric?" I laughed, because we had, had this talk before. Like usual, we shot the breeze for a few minutes, then Gordon said he thought we were flying together later in the month, I said, if we were, I was looking forward to it. He told me he'd see me then, that was the last time I saw or talked to him. I will miss seeing him around. He was a good man, and although I never got the chance to fly with him, I am sure he was a good Captain to be sitting next to in the flightdeck. My thoughts go with your family during this tragic time. I wish I had the opportunity to have know Gordon better, I do know, that I will never forget him...

Anne Cope sends-

Sorry Anne for not finding this earlier-Holly

I am so sorry for the loss of Brad's father. I am constantly thinking of him and his family during such a devastating loss. I talked briefly with his dad during conferences and he was very conscientious. I know that this is very hard to bear but know that many people are thinking of you and will give you and your family lots of support.

Jared Carson sends -

Sorry Jared for just finding this in the comments and now just getting it posted-Holly

I'm probably putting this in the wrong spot, but I just wanted to give my best to Gordon, Holly and everyone that has been hit by this tragedy, especially his beautiful little family.

I worked for Doogie for a couple years. We had some of the best times I can remember. Everyone reading this already knows Doogie was up for anything. One of my favorite memories that still makes me laugh out loud is when we were driving through the south shooting up every car that we saw with these semi-automatic paintball guns Doogie had bought for us in Tennessee. We were on the highway in Little Rock, Arkansas and I had fired 50 or so rounds out of the passenger side of the 23 foot Uhaul we were driving. When I sat back down to reload, I remember looking over at Doogie. He was driving at the time and he had this huge grin spread across his face with his paintball gun out the window, completely unloading on the unsuspecting citizens of Little Rock. I remember thinking how hilarious it was to see him so happy as we fired up Little Rock's Highway.

We had so much fun. Doogie lived with no regrets. I looked up to his do anything attitude. He wasnt afraid to approach any project, even if he had never done anything like it. His brain worked better than most brains, and he knew it but he wasnt in your face about it. I'm proud to have worked with Doogie and I'm proud that he was a friend of mine.

Jared Carson

Toni and Terry Poulsen sends -

Dear Doogie,

We learned of your death accidently, I didn't believe it. I phoned each one of our kids to tell them the news, we all cried and made comments of our memories of you and your family, Molly said, it would be just like Doogie to walk into his own funeral and say "just kidding!" We have thought of you and your family often, those few years in Susanville were some of our best years. Your family holds a tender spot in our hearts, and we hope when you get to hunt in heaven, you can shoot as many Marmets as you want, and you won't have to eat what you kill! You know what that means...I went to a yard sale at your old house, and guess what, your dad's nuking job didn't work so well, there were weeds everywhere. You also were right on when you told us 10 years ago to invest in digital. Your wife and kids are beautiful, I hope your close by and know how missed you will be in our corner of paradise.

Toni and Terry Poulsen,
Susanville, California

Email your story and pictures for the blog.

Send your stories and pictures to

Thank you!!

A bunch of us are getting together in Phoenix in January for the Rock and Roll Marathon. We are going to run the 1/2 marathon in Doogie's honor. If you would like to join in with us, visit for details!! Hope to see you all there!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Jeremy Jorgensen sends -

This is a story that I would have never thought that I would be writing unless the world was coming to an end.

My name is Jeremy Jorgensen and I live four houses down from Gordy. Gordy and I were quite the pair. As I would come home from work in the afternoon I would search the street for the "The Big Bad White Dodge" with the peeling paint that had only been washed twice since he had bought it. If the truck was there and the garage door was open it was game on...that was our mutual signal. I would usually wander down pick up my daughter...and see what kind of things he was working on or creating. As I would walk into the garage Gordy would always say "Whattsss UUUP, ready for a chilly one"? I would reply yep and we would get started on something that most of the time had something to do with guns or amo.

On Tuesdays it was wing day at The Native New Yorker. On the rare occasion he was home on a Tuesday we would jump in his truck and head out for a couple dozen wings complimented by a few 'chilly ones'. On the other days we would just sit around in the garage and solve the worlds problems. Somehow we always got on the topic of all of the 'dumb' people in the world.

The time I got to spend with him will be treasured and remembered for the rest of my life. He was a great friend.
Much luv to my homeboy, RIP,
Jeremy Jorgensen

Monday, June 15, 2009

Quick Note

I just wanted to say how proud I am of Doogie being a donor. Although, I wasn't aware of his decision before his accident, I never really felt comfortable with it. He had to have several blood transfusions immediately after his arrival to the hospital as well. Again, something I was never really comfortable with. So today, the Red Cross was at work here at the Health Department and I was honored to be able to donate blood. It is amazing how when "it hits close to home" it makes perfect sense!! So in short...go donate!! I am grateful for the lessons he is still teaching me!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thank you to everyone-

Thank you to all the people who helped put the Memorial service together on Saturday. It was beautiful. So many people have made gifts, food, cards, flowers and spent countless time giving service to our family. No words could ever express how grateful we are to all of you. Thank you for taking such wonderful care of Valerie and her children.

To the Thomas Family- We love you! You are an amazing family that we are proud to be a part of. Steve and Mary, you have an amazing daughter. Never a better hero!! Thank you for all you have done, and being such a wonderful support to help her through this. Sarah- You are amazing! Thank you for being such a fantastic sister, and aunt. Your love for your sister and her family shines very bright! Tommy- I love you! Your sweet tenderness and strong embrace helped me beyond words. Thank you again. Jacob and Bret- Thank you for your kindness and love, you both have become great men, just like your father and Doogie was very proud of both of you.

We will be keeping the blog up for a while. We would like to be able to post things frequently. I know a lot of people have asked about stories that may not be appropriate at this time for his children. We would still love to receive them and put them in a book that Val will have made. He was usually inappropriate with his humor, but we still would like to hear those stories as well. Again, please send them to!!

Thank you to everyone, I can't say thank you enough.

Tracy Roberts sends -

I posted this on my Face Book page and I'd like to post it on Doogie's blog....

"In Memory of Gordon L. Hyde II"

Friday, June 12, 2009

Memorial for Doogie In Queen Creek on Saturday, June 13

Memorial for Gordon Lynn Hyde II
Saturday June 13, 2009 - 6:00 pm
LDS Cloud Creek Ward Building
20415 E Chandler Heights Road
Queen Creek, AZ 85242

A light dinner and refreshments will be served after the memorial. The church building is located on Chandler Heights Road just west of Ellsworth Road, right next to Queen Creek Elementary.

Don Acord sends -

I remember Doogie coming into our office at the flying club and just wanting to fly. He had a true passion for getting in the left seat and just building time so he could someday fly for and airline. I had seen many a person with the same ambition but not the passion that it takes to become that professional pilot. Doogie has what it takes and now he is flying in the highest and happiest location of all. Doogie watch over us all. You will be missed. My sincere condolences to his wife, family and friends.

Don Acord

Jim Kelly sends -

Although I did not know Gordon personally I am always saddened to see a SkyWest family member pass away. My deepest sympathy and prayers are with his family during this difficult time.

Jim Kelly

Chris Bradford sends -

My dear cousin, I am so saddened that you were taken at such a young age from such a tragic accident. I wish I had been able to be as close to you in our "grown-up" years as I was when we were younger. You lived an amazing life, and touched the hearts of countless people. I pray that your dear wife and children, mother, father, sisters, and all those affected by your passing will be comforted in this difficult time. God be with you 'till we meet again.

Chris Bradford

Annie and Brian Cheney send -

We were lucky enough to have been neighbors to Doogie and Valerie in Sandy. My husband Brian and my oldest son Christopher went out fishing to Strawberry with Doogie and Josh. They will never forget how fun it was. Doogie is one we will never forget. Our prayers and sympathy are with Valerie and those sweet children, family and friends.

Annie and Brian Cheney

Jared Stokes sends -

Lynn, is a great friend to a great many people. Even though for the short time his Father and Mother and sisters lived in Moten Meadows he had a profound inpact on me and the rest of us in the Meadow ward. We love you Lynn and will miss you.

Jared Stokes

Mindy, Raymond, Colton and Jade Williams sends -

Take comfort in knowing that now you have a special guardian angel to watch over you.

Mindy, Raymond, Colton and Jade Williams

Lee Broadhead sends -

If he was anything like his father, he will be missed.We send our sympathy, prayers and concern.

Lee Broadhead

The Wojciks send -

We will always remember "Lynn Two", Audrey and Hollie as little kids that lived next door when they lived in Blanding. Our sincere sympathy to all of you.
The Wojciks

Troy Gottfredson sends -

Doogie, thank you for coming into my life. You will be sorely missed. I have great memories of you and with you. I love how you were the fix-it man with the club and said it like it was. And how you told me after you get done with my computer it will know exactly what I want even before I hit the enter key, you were right. I still wish you left me your mountain bike before you dog’d it up… You are now flying high with Lucien, Perry and Eric. Say hi to them and to my Dad. And a BIG thank you to you Valerie for the texts and talking with me Sunday past, I wish I could be there to say good-by to Doogie and comfort you and your family at this really hard time. I am sending my Envoy, my twin Allison in my place. Know that I will be thinking of you and yours during this. With my love till we meet again, I wish you all the very best. God Bless- Doogie, I love you man.

Troy C. Gottfredson,
Renville, Co Galway Ireland

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Perry Grant sends -

Doogie, I found a photo of you and my son Perry at Meigs Field in Chicago. I posted the photo in the photo gallery. It was 4 years ago yesterday that my son Perry was killed doing what you and he loved to do so much. Attending your funeral and seeing your family brought back many emotions for me. I can tell that you are greatly loved and missed by your wife and children. I also will let know that your friends Dave and Kyle are loyal friends and have your back at every turn. We should all be blessed with friends like that. Please watch over Perry for me and I'll try to keep an eye on your dad.

Perry Grant

Memorial Service Saturday in AZ

Memorial for Gordon Lynn Hyde II
Saturday June 13, 2009 - 6:00 pm
LDS Cloud Creek Ward Building
20415 E Chandler Heights Road
Queen Creek, AZ 85242

A light dinner and refreshments will be served after the memorial. The church building is located on Chandler Heights Road just west of Ellsworth Road, right next to Queen Creek Elementary.

Bob Smith sends -

We live down the street from Gordon & his beautiful family. I remeber one of the first times I had talked to him, he noticed that I had a dirtbike & he told me we should go out riding sometime. I didn't know him that well & I thought to myself - ya whatever. After that day he kept approaching me about taking the bikes out. Finally one day I walked down to his house & knocked on the door. Josh answered & I could see Gordon had been taking a nap on the couch. I asked him if he still wanted to go and he told me to give him ten minutes. I walked back down to my house and ten minutes later, here he came all suited up riding his bike. We live close to a wash so we were able to just ride right from the house. We left the house and I noticed my bike was runnng kind of funny. I hardly ever rode it, so I just thought that it would clean itself out as we rode. After riding for a while, we took a break & he pulled out a couple of water bottles out of his fanny pack. (something I didn't think of) We took off again & we came across an area that had Jackrabbits running out of the bushes everywhere. He stopped me and told me that we should chase them. I had never done this before, so I agreed. After a few minutes, I found myself cracking up out loud inside my helmet as he was pointing out the rabbits and we were hearding the rabbits with our bike as if they were cattle. After about thirty minutes, my engine blew up. So, I sat there listening to Gordy chase down these rabbits. He noticed that I wasn't with him so he rode up and asked me what the problem was. I told him that my bike was done & without hesitation, he said he was going to get his truck. He took off and I started pushing my bike. After about a mile of pushing, I looked up and here comes Gordy in his truck down a road that wasn't really made for vehicles. He got out, set a couple of beers on the tailgate and said "lets take a break first." After laughing about the rabbit round-up for a while, we loaded up my bike and took off for the house.After this day, I thought to myself, this guy & I are going to be pretty good friends. It turns out that I was only partially right on this assumption. He ended up being like a brother to me. He always had a smooth way of taking care of a bad situation. I'm glad to be his neighbor & I will never forget all the good times we had together. Thank you Gordy for all that you did for my family & I! We will miss you but think of you always!!Lots of Love,
Bob Smith

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Trece Smith sends -

You have had several postings from my husband, Bob Smith, but I wanted to express my thoughts on Captain Gordon Hyde! He will truly be missed and I am so sorry for your family's loss.
I thought I had a pretty good idea of just how smart Gordy was, although really I didn’t, so I asked him questions about computers as I would be needing to purchase one for the business my husband and I were starting. Gordy asked about specification for the software I was using and I gave him the info I had, which wasn’t much, only for him to take it upon himself to call the company directly to get the information needed to find the perfect computer. Only a few days later I had an email with this perfect computer, the one I am using to write this, that would not only more than handle what I needed, but was a great price too. And if that wasn’t enough help, he then spent time installing the software as well. And if that wasn’t enough, he was always a text away with answers to any of my questions. Of course his generosity continued on, as I find many are aware, with helping us purchase and install 2 more computers. He was my IT solutions expert in the shape of a good friend and neighbor, who never asked for anything to repay the time and help he provided. Over the course of the past year, he did attempt to teach me how to do some things on my own, but in the words of another in awe of Gordy, if you didn't get it the first time he showed you, you were SOL. I know I am one of the many “less skilled” than Gordon Hyde. Now, that is not to say that he would make anyone feel like they were really “less skilled”, but let’s face reality.
I also know how much he loved his family. My son Tyler is six and his first sleep over-at our house- was with Josh and Brad. I made French toast for breakfast and both boys chimed in “that’s how my dad makes it”. Three pieces later and it was obvious they really liked how their dad made it!
Not long after my husband, my son and I moved to Arizona, my car would not start. My husband was working out-of-state at the time and Gordy and another friend and neighbor, Jeremy, happened to notice I was in need of assistance. I did not really know Gordon at that point, but he happily & quite proud of himself for the diagnosis, determined I needed a new battery. Without even asking they both hopped in Gordy’s car and left to purchase me a battery. Upon their return, they quickly installed the battery so I could get to work. Neither of them would accept any kind of payment for the battery and seemed to enjoy just being able to help.
As I read through all the postings about Gordy, I am reminded of just how much he was a true angel here on earth. As many of these posting show, we all knew Gordy was a great friend and a very special person, but until putting all these pieces (everyone’s thoughts and memories of Gordy) together, it becomes obvious how truly wonderful he was. I believe he lived his life to the fullest and with no regrets. I am proud of him as a friend and can only imagine how proud his whole family, but especially his wife and children. Brad, Josh and Hailey, your dad was truly a hero and he was definitely one of mine!!
So, the only words of advice I can offer are these-“The only way to get through life is to laugh your way through it. You either have to laugh or cry. I prefer to laugh. Crying gives me a headache.” Marjorie Pay Hinckley I know that is what Gordon would want us all to do!
Trece Smith

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thank you -

Just a quick note to tell everyone "THANK YOU"!!! We made it through with help from all the love, prayers, hugs and kisses. There are no words to express the gratitude that our family has for everyone who has called, sent a message, come to visit, sent flowers, sent food, said prayers, given hugs, and supported our family. We have a bunch of pictures and video to post, and will do so in the following days. Thank you all again.

Perry & Kathy Grant send -

I wanted you to have a copy of this photo. I believe it is Doogie and my son Perry in Chicago. I attended the funeral yesterday but didnt get a chance to meet you and the children. Please give the children a hug on behalf of the Grant Family. Please let us know if we can ever help your family. Love and Prayers, Perry & Kathy Grant

Greg Tedrow sends -

Doog was my comp in Aioi. He hit Japan, had 3 short weeks with Dick (choro),then me. Doog and I had a great 2.3 months together, laughing, talking, sometimes fighting (like brothers!), but mostly just doing our best making our way through our mission and Japan. I remember one conversation we had about chop sticks, and how stupid they were... It is safe to say I learned much with Doog- man was he smart, and funny! He will always be the Kanji Bandit to me.
President Wilson of the Kobe Mission loved Doog, I guess he knew that we would be a good companionship. We ended up even more as great friends. "The Booch" (Mission President Wilson) was right. Now Doog and he can talk about it up there...
Doog called me when he finished up the mission in the states. I was really glad to hear from him. Doog and I kept in touch throughout the years. We hung out, shot shotguns together, flew together, he installed a security system in my house, for freakin' free (he wouldn't let me pay), Doog invited me to Costa Rica with his family- those were great times! I almost got myprivate license with Doog- but I chickened out. We had so many great times-too many to recount now.
Doog is one of a kind. A true friend, a kind that is very rare. Time would pass as life does, but we could always pick right up where we left off. I feel greatly blessed to know Doog, and feel so lucky I spent the time that I did with him, and my only regret is I didn't get to spend more time with him.
I wasn't able to make the funeral. I am sorry Valerie and family that I wasn't able to share this time with you. My heart goes out to all of you, as the empty spot in my heart cant compare to what you must feel right now. Please know that my prayers are with you now. I know that we will see Doog again, and have the joy of laughing, joking (irreverently of course!), and just enjoying being around him.
Greg, Tedrow (Choro)

Ben Hayden-Smith sends -

I had the privilege of being missionary companions with Doogie three times!
We first met and were comps in the MTC for 2 months, then in Himeji, Japan for about 2 or so weeks when his trainer went back to the US ill and the third time was for about 2 and a half months in Ikeda/Mino, on the outskirts of Osaka. By the time I'd been out a year on my mission, the Doog and I had been comps for about 4 and a half months.
I've got so many great experiences with him it's hard to know what to say in this blog. He always kept things entertaining.
We had to teach a Japanese person in the MTC doing a practice lesson about the gospel discussions. It was supposed to be all in Japanese and a chance for us to practice our very poor Japanese skills. Anyway, Doogie and I were both waaaaaaaaaay out of our depth and he goes to ask this girl (early 20s BYU student) "Have you ever felt the Holy Ghost before?" The girl just starts laughing out loud, giggling out of control. We had no idea what was going on so we asked her in English what was so funny. Anyway, Doogie had asked her "Have you ever felt your period before?" His face went bright red when she told him what he said and he was genuinely embarrassed. We all then started laughing so hard. The Japanese word for Holy Ghost is seirei, for period it's seiri. So very similar sounding and I think he was paranoid about making the same mistake again after that.
He looked hilarious riding his bike. It was more common to see him riding his bike arms folded with an amused look on his face than it was to see him with his hands on the handlebars. I think he liked to see the surprised look on Japanese faces with this tall foreigner riding full speed past them all relaxed and arms folded!
When I transferred up north in the middle of winter and we said our goodbyes, he gave me some of his own warm clothing that I didn't have but desperately needed. I still have it and it says GH in permanent marker on the tag.
I remember the first and only time I saw him after my mission (I live in Australia) he was so glad to see me he gave me a big bear hug and picked me up. It really touched me.
Every now and then I'd get a call out of the blue and he'd say "Hey SMITH how's it going?" There was never any mistaking who it was. We last spoke about a year ago when he was planning his trip to take Val to Japan. I'd lived there from 00-03 and he wanted my advice on a few places to go. We emailed a few times afterwards about the trip and then he dropped out of Facebook. I meant to email and find out why. We are on each others XBox Live friends lists but the time difference always cheated us. I'll always regret not having another catch up call, email or even Halo game.
He was a true friend who will always be missed.
My deepest condolences to Valerie, the kids and all of their family. May the Comforter be with you during this difficult time and that you remember that Families are Forever.
Love,Ben Hayden-Smith

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Todd Goetsch sends -

Hyde Family,
I heard about Gordon's passing this week from another mission companion, and have been reading through everyone's memories on the blog. I just wanted to send a quick note with some memories of my time with Hyde Choro in Japan. (just as others only know him as Doogie, I only know him as Hyde Choro!)
I first met him in the MTC- he was in a group about a month behind us, and I remember in one of our combined class meetings one day, he was passionately talking about assault weapon bans in California... he was never afraid to speak his mind on whatever topic was up for discussion (and he was quite a gun rights advocate, based on our discussion that day)!
About a year later, we became companions in the Mino area (I see on the blog page that the two of you went there last year- we visited that waterfall often!). It was just a few weeks before he left Japan to finish up his mission in the States. To say it was a challenging time for him would be an understatement, but in the few weeks we served together, I remember his sense of humor, his desire to do what was right, and that he was an all-around good guy. I thought of him often both during the rest of my mission, and in the 15 years since, but never kept in touch. He obviously was living a great life, with a beautiful family and a great job, making a difference in people's lives everyday.
I am so sorry for your loss... the gospel gives us hope for the eternities, but I pray that the Holy Ghost will comfort you all through this difficult time.
Best regards,
Todd Goetsch(Getchi Choro)

"We're home Doog"

Thank you Kyle Nordfors for all (over 1000) of these pictures.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Memorial Service being held in Arizona -

We will be having a memorial service down in Queen Creek on Saturday, June 13th, at 6 pm. I believe it will be at the Cloud Creek LDS Church, More info will be put up soon.

Capt. Dave Luker with First Officer Steven Yoo flew Doog home today. They had many pilots that lined the tarmac today as they loaded him on the plane, I was told that they saluted him. There was film and pictures taken and we will post them as I get them. They flew him home and arrived with an escort to the gate, two fire department trucks that gave him a Water Cannon honor, all of our families were there to receive him. It was sad, yet an amazing experience as they brought him off, draped with a SkyWest flag. Many Captains and other pilots placed him into the Coach. It was simply wonderful, and an honor that I will remember the rest of my life. We have filmed and taken many pictures. We will work to get this up so everyone may enjoy it. Thank you all. Thank you SkyWest.

Brian Webster sends -

I was deeply saddened to learn about Gordon's death yesterday. I am Josh and Brad's P.E. teacher as well as his niece's P.E. teacher here in Arizona. I knew Gordon for about four years since I started teaching. I would see and talk to him during parent drop off in the morning and parent pick up in the afternoon as well as around school from time to time. I always thought he had one of the coolest jobs in the world and would ask him to tell me some stories about his travels and job. I would always greet him by asking him how the friendly skies were treating him and he would just smile. He lived an always on the go life by being a pilot and he probably saw more of the country and world in his lifetime than many of us will ever see. I didn't know him extremely well other than our brief talks over the last 4 years at school, but he was always extremely friendly and nice to be around and there was a sense he was just one of the really great people you come across in this world. It is tremendous that he was an organ donor and will be able to help better others lives even though he is gone. He will live on through those who received his organs as well as through the endless memories he created in his time with us. He will be sorely missed, but I am proud to say that I knew him, because he was a man that not only lived his life, but he lived it well and with a passion that is hard to find. I am so sorry for your loss.
Please let me know if there will be any kind of remembrance or service held here in Arizona.
Brian Webster

Pasha Stanford sends -

My Angel Inflight
Writing this was really hard.The way u became close to my heart was not because of something you did when u were being your normal funny self, but because i personally experienced the real hero in u when u saved me on one of the saddest days of my life. Everyday i have kept this memory at bay because it reopens a wound in my heart that does not allow me to function at work, with my friends, and especially my family, but i need to get this out because i know it is important that anyone who doesnt know how incredibly special u were, will know and always remeber you as such.On March, Friday 13th, my brother was shot and murdered in Detroit while i was working an overnight in Denver. It was one of the saddest days in my life. What was the hardest part was trying to keep a set face in the van that morning when i told u, my captain that day, and the rest of the crew that i was in contact with crew support trying to get home to my family in Detroit and having little luck. All the flights were booked.Even for positive spacing.Finally i told u that i was going to just work the flight back to Chicago to get back home.I never expected the reaction i got from u, because i had only just met you a few days before, and although i knew i instantly liked u for ur humour and silliness i never expected for someone i had just met to treat me if I was a close loved one..especially at work. U took the phone out of my hand, told crew support that there was absolutly no way i was working the flight, and that i needed to get home.U left the chicago flight to be delayed and walked me back to the Northwest flight where i had been denied a seat by the gate agent that had looked at me as if something was wrong with me when i started tearing up when he told me the flight was full and i couldnt get home. U pulled the Captain off the flight and explained to him how i needed to get home and how important it was for airline crew to take care of one another. You got me seat on that flight. U hugged me when i broke down in front of everyone. Right there. In the middle of the Northwest terminal airport. I was a complete STRANGER to u a day before that. Everyone was being so sypathetically "professional" towards me at that point. It was like i had some sort of sad disease and alhough they felt bad for me, they still were keeping up a "professional distance" from not trying to catch it. But u didnt care. i couldnt get the words out then to express how grateful i was to u.. when i said "thank-u so much gordan" it didnt and still doesnt seem hardly enough. Even a long while after when i saw u again at work i tried to express to u but i could never get it right.U just said the same thing u said to me the day u put me on the plane.. "Pasha, no need. please. I didnt do anything but what any other Captain would have done." And to this day i still dont believe that. And what breaks my heart is that u really believed that you didnt do anything "special". But EVERYONE that knows this now i know will agree that u did. Words cannot express the sorrow i feel for my brother. Words cannot express the relief i felt for the angel that God sent me that day to get to him. Words could never express how much i wanted to thanku everyday i saw u but coulndt get it out because it was too hard because u were now linked to me in a way that stirred up both grief and gratefulness in my heart when i looked at you. I know u knew it as well. Im sad that i didnt get a chance to find the words Gordan. Im sad that i didnt get to the hospital in time to see u and try to form the right words again. Im sad that u never realized that u had wings on your back and u didnt even know it your whole life :) But i am happy that everyone will truly know that u were, and are now, a true Angel...And u will forever be in my heart. When when i think of u, i will be sad Gordy. But I will try to be comforted in the fact that you are in heaven with my brother. Where all the true angels go, and are supposed to be, and are never forgotten.

Friday, June 5, 2009

*Funeral arrangements*

***Want to keep the Funeral info at the top, sorry for the repeat***
There will be two viewings held at the Sandy LDS Church Crescent Ridge 5th Ward - 10975 S. Prescott Dr. (1635 East), Sandy, Utah 84092, Skywest employees have been notified of the Monday, June 8th viewing to take place at 10 am, one hour prior to the funeral service. We would like to ask, if you are willing and comfortable to wear your pilot uniform.

Also, there will be a Sunday evening viewing, June 7th, 2009 from 6-8 pm.

Funeral service will start at 11 am June 8th, 2009 at the same location.

Graveside Service 10 am Tuesday, June 9th, 2009Monticello Utah City Cemetery-Travel directions are pretty simple. From Main St. driving south, turn left (east) on 200 south, street leads directly to cemetery.

If you have any questions please call Dad (Gordon) at 801-232-5000

Sarah Thomas Purcell sends -

A picture of Gordon Hyde and Thomas Purcell about two years old, Spring of 1975 at the Phoenix Zoo. I think it is pretty easy to tell who is who. Years later they married sisters, Sarah and Valerie Thomas.

Several years ago I was at my in-laws house in Blanding for the Fourth of July and I called my sister up in Sandy to see how things weregoing. We were talking about what was going on and Tom told me to askher what Doogie was doing. Without skipping a beat she said, "Oh he and his dad are outside throwing fire wood at cars." It was so funny that she was so calm about that, like it was a normal activity around the house. Naturally I asked her why they were throwing fire wood at cars. The explanation was that because they lived on a long road that was a main access to the neighborhood cars would often come roaring down the street in front of the house. Doogie and his dad were sitting in the front yard and when a car would come down the street much faster than necessary Doogie would throw a piece of fire wood in front of the car as it got close to the house. When the driver would slam on his brakes and yell at Doogie, he would yell back something like "Hey that could have been my kid! Slow down next time!" He probably said it a little more colorfully than that, but you get the idea. He never had a problem speaking his mind in the most uniqueways!

Sarah Purcell

Matthew Hyde sends -

Ok, I tried this once and it disappeared. I have never blogged or communicated with a computer other than E-Mail. and I can't spell so deal with it please.

This has hit me very hard. Me and Doogie were the same age and grew up together. He was a champion of friends. He made them everywhere he went and always has. Doogie taught me how to ski, how to Hunt, how to shoot many different weapons, And along with ZONA, Gordon, and NINA helped me through a terrible divorce.

My Dad Larry Hyde (Doogie's Great Uncle) Made it clear to me that Doogie's dad was more his brother than his nephew.(He was closer in age than an uncle). My entire life my dad has bragged on Doogie and I have been able to keep track that way for the last 14 years. Every couple of months he tells me all great things he has been up to. I wish I would have made a greater effort to know him better personally after our teenage years.

We once picked up on some women while we shot a dear. I don't know if that was the worst of that trip or the fact he jumped up and down in the trunk of my convertible to fit the meat for the trip home. That same trip we dragged Gordon out and took him hunting the last time before he died. He shot from the seat of his truck.

We always went on Black diamond courses on the ski hills when neither of us had any business there. In these ways we are exactly the same and really tore it up together. It may be good we didn't stay tight or I doubt a mission was in the works.

In a way I am glad Zona is on the other side of the vale because this would kill her in a moment. My little family spent an entire 2 weeks a year in Monticello every year for the last 15 years. We spent much of that time with Zona. Some trips all of it. I swear I could tell you how long Doogie's hair was and if he had gained any weight or lost an eyelash when I was around her. He was loved by many and will be missed.

I am drawn to Monticello like it is my home, where I should be, I can't stay away. He was a part of creating my Monticello.

I Need to point our something about Robyn, OF course we all had a crush on her.... DUH

This is the second one to go from that group of boys. Shantee went missing years ago.

Since this news I cannot look at my 2 little boys without thinking about Doogie's Dad and how this has torn away a huge part of him, my own mortality, and in turn shedding a tear.I know this is not as positive as the rest. I am not that strong. I needed to say this stuff and I hope I have not been selfish in my grief.

I love you Lynn II-

Jeff Hubrich sends -

I just wanted to share a couple of quick stories about Doogie. I met him when I was a brand new CFI. As I'm sure you are aware ,flight instructors are the best pilots in the world...just ask one and he'll tell you so. Doogie was in town for a meeting at the flight club in Bountiful, during the meeting on that cold winter evening the weather came down and covered the whole area in a very thick freezing fog. It was the kind of weather you just can't fly in when you're in a Cessna and everybody knows it. It was also a great opportunity for Doogie to screw with the new guy. So with the help of Dave Luker (my instructor) he said good by rather loudly and said the " looks pretty good out there so I'm gonna launch". He then proceeded out on the ramp. I stood there watching him through the window shocked as he took the chains off the plane and did his preflight inspection. I could just barely see the airplane for the thick fog. I went over to Dave and said he's not really going to do this is he? That plane is covered with ice!! Dave casually shrugged his shoulders and remarked that he "was good". I was in horror, this crazy man was going to kill himself right in front of my eyes and nobody seems to get it! Thats when I realized that it was all up to me. Like a junior super hero armed with my two day old certified flight instructor certificate I boldly marched out onto the ramp. By the time I got to the airplane he was strapped in with the engine running, I banged on the window yelling over the sound of the motor "Hey wait a minute!" Doogie turned his head and looked at me with the the stupidest grin I think I have ever seen. He waved at me as he added power an disappeared into the fog. The next few minutes were so eerie, I could not see a thing but I could hear the sound of the engine out there in the distance as it revved up and down, it moved slowly from right to left and then turned around going left to right. What in the world was this guy doing?! I just shook my head. eventually he pulled back into the ramp and put the plane away. As he was walking to the parking lot I stepped up beside him and said " so you came to your senses huh?" He put his hand on my head and ruffed up my hair like I was his little brother and said "no buddy, while I was performing a delicate take off in the fog, and eating a sandwich with my left hand, I took a couple of phone calls with my right hand and it turns out that I need to stay in Salt lake for another day or so." It took me a month or two before I realized just how funny that actually was. I think Doogie was a man who would truly go out of his way for a laugh even if it was only funny to him.

Years later we were both Captains at the same airline. The union drive was in full swing, Doogie and I were of exactly of exactly opposite opinions on the issues. We had a dozen or so conversations over a couple months each of us trying to convince the other of our point of view. Although we were passionately opposed on that subject Doogie never once was disrespectful to me in any way! He did not allow that situation to have any effect on our friendship, I admired that in him. I don't think he ever knew how much respect I gained for him through those conversations.

Throughout my life when I think of Doogie I think I will always remember him taxiing around aimlessly in the fog revving the motor of that little airplane and laughing to himself!May our mighty God bless you and your family in the years to come!
A friend you have never met:

-Jeff Hubrich

Noah Smith sends -

I love you all and send my condolences. I have considered you all family since we first met years ago in Susanville and mourn with you as if you were my own. Doogie always brought a fun happy spirit to every room he entered. One memory that always comes to mind is one winter when Doog put studded tires on his truck, Phil Smith, Brandon Ellena, and I tied a rope onto his hitch and rode on a lounge chair cushion on the ice along the road to Eagle Lake at 30 mph. That was sooo fun. That was just one of the crazy fun times we had together back in school. Doogie will always have a place in my heart and it’s a comfort to know that he is in a good place and that we have the gospel that gives us the knowledge that we will all see him again.


Debbie Parkin sends -

Hello, I am Dave Luker's sister and I had a few encounters with Doogie. Last year, I had just gotten done shopping at WalMart and went to start my Grand Cherokee and it would not start. The battery was dead. My husband was out of town so I called my dad who called my brother, Dave. Dave came down with Doogie right away. I remember seeing them both hunched over the engine trying to figure out the problem and just talking with each other. They laughed every once in a while to what the other had said. They came to the conclusion it was the battery. So they took the battery out and Doogie helped me take it into the store and get a new one. My brother stayed at the car to watch my kids. I remember walking through the store with him and he was telling me how his wife would shop at WalMart and get the best deals. It helped to calm me down because I was just so stressed that this had happened! They got to work putting the battery in, but I think Doogie did most of the work!

Another memory is about 2 months ago my brother stopped by my house to get something and had brought Doogie along with him. I was in the middle of putting together a bathroom wall cabinet. Doogie noticed and as I talked with my brother he just took over building it for me! He didn't ask if I needed help, he just dug into it! It took him maybe 5 mins to finish it when it would have taken me at least a half hour. I thought that was so nice of him. I will always think of him when I see that cabinet.

I didn't personally know Doogie very well, but I know he had a very special spirit. All these stories on the blog prove it. I know my brother misses him very much. He meant a lot to him. My thoughts and prayers have been with you since I heard of his accident. And I will continue to think and pray for you.

Love, Debbie Luker Parkin

Jacob & Veronica Thomas send -

Here are a few tidbits about Doogie:

At my wedding reception he wanted to give me some advice about marriage. He said "Absence makes the heart grow fonder", then Val smacked him and rolled her eyes.

Doogie always had some new project or hobby that he was working on. He taught me some wood-working and helped me make a pen on his dad's lathe. I remember hearing about how the authorities came to check out his plants he was growing in the basement. He was also into photography for a while. He knew that I was into photography too, and one time we were all at the mall together as a family and we went into the photography store. There was a really nice zoom lens that he was looking at, and then all the sudden he said he was going to buy it for me. I was shocked. It wasn't my birthday or Christmas time or anything, he just thought I would like it I guess.

Last of all I wanted to write about an important lesson that Doogie taught me. When I was probably 15 or 16 years old Doogie helped put together a computer for my family. He spent most of the day with me teaching me about all the parts you need to buy, what they do, and how to put it all together. We finished putting it all together and ate dinner. After dinner he wanted to watch some TV and relax for a minute, but I kept bugging him to help me with something else on the computer. Eventually he helped me with it. Later on Valerie told me that he was kind of upset because after spending all day helping me I never said 'thank you' once. It crushed me to realize how ungrateful I had been. He never said anything about it to me, he just put up with my bratty teenagerness. Ever since that day I never wanted anyone to ever think I was ungrateful again. I will never forget what he taught me.

Jacob Thomas

And here are some from Veronica-

Just this last spring break we came to AZ to bless our new baby, Natalie. I made a cake from scratch for the blessing, and the chocolate frosting turned out a little weird. Doogie said the cake looked like it was covered in bean dip and we all had a good laugh. You never had to guess what he was thinking did you? My first Thanksgiving with my in-laws I had a new recipe for rolls I wanted to try and somehow I forgot to put salt in the first batch of rolls. We tried it after they were done and I thought they didn't taste all that great. Val was trying to be nice and said that she couldn't really tell that something was wrong with them, then Doogie replied "I can tell." The next batch had salt in it. When he tried one of those he said "I guess we'll keep ya". This made me feel right at home because in Chinese culture we don't hide the truth and say what's on our mind. These two experiences made me feel like Doogie was one of my older brothers

John Hewitt sends -

Dear Valerie, Hey Valerie this is John Hewitt, your former neighbor on Old England. Susan and our two kids are out of town on vacation, but I found this blog today as I kept looking for news about Doogie on the internet. As I have been painfully slowly piecing together what has happened I called her this morning in FL and told her the news. She was very sad as I was. I heard it second hand from a neighbor, and did not want to believe it. Then I called a friend I have at Skywest who said the name of the person who was injured was Gordon Hyde. My mind just jumped to the immediate thought of relief that that was someone else. I wanted to believe so bad it was not Doogie because I did not now him by that name at all, but then I realized later that is also his Dad’s name. Probably like so many people today just has been a day of unbelief and sadness.

But since I found this blog I just wanted to say write a few of the nice memories that have come to mind. We have such nice memories of you all as neighbors even though it was several years ago now. I really enjoyed talking to Doogie over the fence about all the many things we talked about. He just amazed me at the things he did forming his business, working closely with his Dad, the friendship and trips they made together, flying, etc., all at such a young age. He was and still is an inspiration to me because I think so much of that is just a good spirit and attitude.

I remember one time we were talking and I must have mentioned that I needed to run a TV cable back to our bed room. Well, the next thing I know he went and got his tools and put it in despite my telling him he did not have to. And you know there any kind of feeling of needed return the favor or anything.

I remember the morning after a big wind storm and many of your roof shingles were blown off. Doogie and his Dad were out in the back yard surveying the damage. I went out there and Doogie looked at me said all enthusiastically with a big grin on his face “wow, wasn’t that an awesome storm?!” and his Dad just rolled his eyes an said, “yea some storm”.

I remember once him coming over and asking if he could play basketball. Yesterday a little boy came and asked the same thing. That’s only the second time anyone has ever asked me that. Now I’m going to always think of Doogie when I think of that basket ball goal.

I even remember looking out the window and seeing him get to reading the paper while you all were sitting at the kitchen table eating dinner table and I thought “man, I wish my wife would let me do that!”

When you all had ended the electronics business you were in I went over and was talking to Doogie in your garage and I said I thought it was pretty slow in the airline business as far as hiring and stuff goes and he just said “I just love flying”. And sure enough everything worked out fine there. Of course once again he gave away to me some things since I was over there.

I saw once several years ago at his Dad’s and we stopped and chatted. That is when he told us about landing the airplane in the tree top. Then a couple years later, and the last time I saw him, was in McDonald’s at 13th and 10600. This was maybe a year or two ago. He was Skywest then. He was just as friendly and enthusiastic and interested in talking as ever.

I’ve come to realize recently that when your life ends your spirit and influence can really live on and be far reaching. It is in how you interact with people, treat people and know people. I honestly think when you are nice to someone it lives on and on. You all are one of those families who quietly make a lot of good karma. I can tell he certainly made a strong impact on a lot of people reading your blog.

It also did not surprise me to see the sweet note you posted he wrote to Josh. He was nice to Daniel my son. That made me think of I think it was the first Halloween for Josh when you all brought him to our door. Of course I opened the door and there Doogie was with a grin on his face holding a Josh in his arms.

You all were very nice sweet people and I think that is the most important thing of all, and I think that will help you all get through this. We Hewitt’s were very glad to have had you all as neighbors. Back in the days when you all lived next to us Neil was a big part of our good memories also. After you all moved it seems he really grew up fast. We are thinking also of him and Gordon and everyone else during this time.

All the best to you in the days and weeks ahead. If you are up here please stop by and visit. We would love to see you.

John Hewitt

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Funeral arrangements -

There will be two viewings held at the Sandy LDS Church Crescent Ridge 5th Ward - 10975 S. Prescott Dr. Sandy, Utah 84092, Skywest employees have been notified of the Monday, June 8th viewing to take place at 10 am, one hour prior to the funeral service. We would like to ask, if you are willing and comfortable to wear your pilot uniform. Also, there will be a Sunday evening viewing, June 7th, 2009 from 6-8 pm.

Funeral service will start at 11 am June 8th, 2009 at the same location.

Here is a link with a map that may help for directions to the Church-,0,9496918306571545577&fb=1&split=1&gl=us&dq=10975+S+Prescott+Dr.Sandy+Utah+84092&daddr=10975+Prescott+Dr,+Sandy,+UT+84092&geocode=3677894897305233834,40.551908,-111.845551&ei=wlgoSum2JI_tlAfa4tWtAw&ll=40.552255,-111.845369&spn=0.015293,0.027466&z=15

Graveside Service 10 am Tuesday, June 9th, 2009
Monticello Utah City Cemetery-

Travel directions are pretty simple. From Main St. driving south, turn left (east) on 200 south, street leads directly to cemetery.

If you have any questions please call Dad (Gordon) at 801-232-5000

Jenny Purcell Nielson sends -

I remember when Doog and Val lived in Sandy I went in their basement and saw all these plants I thought maybe he had a secret job on the side going weed no he was growing tomatoes.

When our families lived in Susanville he would come over to the house my mom would ask if he was hungry he would say no I have something and pull a hamburger out of his pocket. I don't know how long it was there maybe days but he always had one in his pocket. He would say I might get hungry ya never know.

He was so funny he alway had us laughing or crying because he was teasing us girls. There were times I think Audree and I wish we could have got him and Tom back for all the torment they put us through. We love them anyway :)

I also think Doog could have stocked the military with all the guns and ammo he had. In CA he was always reloading bullets. Doog you will be missed...

love Jenny Purcell Nielson

Cami Rogers sends -

I worked with Val in scouts and got to work with Josh there also. What an amazing family! I remember one day Val and I had a meeting at their house. I had my 3 year old with me. He kept saying he was hungry. I told him we were almost done and to wait just a few more minutes. Well, Gordon came over and said, "no kid in my house will go hungry" and he waited on my little boy hand and foot. Making him 2 different kind of sandwiches and whatever else he wanted. He even gave him 2 treats. What a kind and gentle man he is! He also made us the most amazing toolboxs for the scouts to put together and leather straps for them to stamp. He would always help us with the "man" stuff in scouts. He could do anything! I also know how much Josh loved him. He talked about his dad all the time. My dad this and my dad that. He always had a story about something fun they had just done together. There is another example that he was an awesome father who cared deeply for his children and Val. We love you and are praying for you to have peace and comfort through this difficult time.
All my love,
Cami Rogers

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I have to laugh tonight! I sit here reading all of these stories and memories that fill me with happiness and laughter. I shake my head thinking... Cocky..... nah he wasn't. He was truly amazing!! He told me he was most of the days of my life!!! He always knew how wonderful he was, turns out he was right all along ;)

I am grateful for the lessons he is currently teaching me. There have been many this last week, and I know there will be more coming. He was a great teacher and boss, althought if you didn't get it the first time he showed you, you were SOL. So you had better be paying attention the first time!! He made me push myself to be better. He was my rock.

Truthfully, I have never met a more... intelligent, loving, strong willed, hard headed, sense of direction like he was compass, hard working, problem solving, expert on everything, the most impatient, tender hearted, most charitable, best at everything he did, completely trustworthy, have my best interest at heart, always going to give it to me straight, and the most upstanding man in my life. Can you tell I loved him?? Oh, and did I meantion that he had great hair?? He did!! He was quite impressed with his hair, always telling Valerie she was jealous of his thick locks! He was all that!! I love him dearly.

He was the greatest father. He always was able to discipline without ever raising his voice. Once in a while when one of our kids were being naughty, his "daddy voice" was needed....(all you dad's know what I am talking about..that deep, "hey I'm not kidding" voice you all have)......, but never a harsh word or any yelling was ever needed nor tolerated. SIMPLY AN OUTSTANDING FATHER, UNCLE, BROTHER AND FRIEND. I love you Doogie.

I know a lot of people are needing to make plans for the funeral. We are trying to get him home as soon as we can. Hoping we will have more info from Chicago tomorrow as to when we can expect his arrival in Utah. We are planning a viewing for Sunday evening. Still planning for a funeral service Monday in Sandy with burial in Monticello on Tuesday. All plans should be finalized tomorrow after we get that info.

Thank you again for all the prayers, love and support. The kindness of family, friends, co-workers, and complete strangers has been mind boggling. We are very grateful, and blessed.

Karlyn Salazar sends -

You know, I have been thinking about this all day, and I don't think I have a single 'childhood Monticello memory' that doesn't include Doogie, Audree and Holly. The first thing I think of when I think of Doogie (or Lynn-two) is how confident and fearless he was freakin' funny, I swear, that kid had a hysterical story for everything. Some of the memories that come to my mind are: walking to the gas station in Monticello to buy beef jerky - because a trip to Monticello just wasn't a trip to Monticello without beef jerky from the local gas station. 'The Tractor park' That tractor was SO HUGE, or were we just small? Fishing at the Lake, never actually catching a fish myself, but Matthew and Lynn-two always caught several. Worms, worms, worms and more worms. Walking to the local 'Market' and buying the cheap toys that were on the bottom shelf, Lynn-two always knew the best ones to get, like the marbles and the parachute guys - that always got stuck in the trees. While all of the adults sat on the patio 'visiting' all us kids were causing 'a rucus' with the neighbor kids, Lynn-two, David, Randy and Matthew doing strange things with raw eggs and the cute girls next door. And, I'm pretty sure that all three of them had completely innocent cousin type crushes on Robyn. The absolutely fabulous swing set in the back yard that we would all fight over who got to get on what. Lynn-two, Jordan, Matthew, Randy and David (I believe) having a head standing contest in Zona's back yard....Jordan won. Lynn-two absolutely convincing us that Gordon's shed was haunted. Watching the fireworks in the back yard, the perfect view. Playing the old games that were in Grandma Nina's closet and under her table. I remember one time when all us kids slept in sleeping bags on Granma Nina's very hard floor, Matthew and Lynn-two making scary noises, again trying to convince us that the house was haunted (I'm still not sure it wasn't). I even have a memory of Shontee, Matthew, Doogie, Audree and I going on a hike.My favorite 'childhood memory' was Thanksgiving, probably 1982, Zona had made about one million pies, she had them all sitting on the kitchen table, for some reason Lynn-two, Audree and I thought that it would be a great idea to steal one of the chocolate ones....we did, we went into the bathroom and ate the ENTIRE pie. In hind site, I realize that Zona knew, but she just didn't say anything to anyone. We thought we were so sneaky.
Another, more 'recent' memory I have debated about sharing because it is rather embarrassing for me, but why not share it? Doogie and my best friend dated for a short time. One night, we were scheduled to go on a double date, I got stood up (embarrassment #1), but Doogie insisted that we all still do something. So the three of us drove out to Salt Lake and drove around the Foothill area for what seemed like forever until he found the home of one of his Mission companions parents. He was so determined to talk to this couple, he wanted to make sure that they knew what a wonderful son they had. My friend and I waited in his car - a little two door red car - because we were immature and didn't feel comfortable going in. While waiting for him she and I decided to have a farting contest, because again, we were immature. The whole time Doogie was in this house none of our farts were stinky (I know, amazing). Right as Doogie walked out of the door, I said, "Okay, I have a huge one!" My friend said, "No Karlyn, don't do it, he is right there!" I didn't listen to her and I let it rip!!! REALLY, I SHOULD NOT HAVE DONE THIS! It was the absolute most stinky fart EVER! It literally smelled like rotten cabbage (embarrassment #2). My friend was not happy with me, but neither one of us could stop laughing. Doogie got in the car and ask what was so funny, we couldn't answer due to our laughter. Doogie proceeded to drive away, then he rolled his window down, then he stuck his head out the window, then he was breathing the outside air. All the while my friend and I were speechless due to laughter. I finally composed myself enough to apologize (embarrassment #3). It ends up, he was just trying to be a gentleman! He didn't know if it was my friend that did it, or me, he didn't want to embarrass my friend. I actually shared this story on a facebook note that I did a couple of weeks ago, the question was, "What do you think of when you hear the word cabbage?" I like this story because it shows how determined he was to talk to the parents, just so he could tell them that he thought their son was fantastic. It shows that he was concerned about his nerdy cousin that was stood up. And he was concerned about my friend being embarrassed in a new relationship.
I'm sure that there are several more, this is just what has come to me through out the day. I haven't had a chance to go through pictures, but I will.
I feel so sad that we have not kept in touch through out the years. You guys were all such a huge part of my childhood, please, let's be better at this whole keeping in touch thing. I love you guys so much and just ache for all of you. You will be in my prayers...always.

Jason Kros sends -

I just thought that I would write something down and share some of my experiences that I had with Doogie. I met Doogie when I was at Pan Am International Flight academy. He was one of those guys that has a infectious personality and is just fun to be around. Doogie didn’t spend much time at Pan Am, but after I was all done with my training I ended up getting a hold of him up in Provo and asking for a job at Advantage Aviation. He hired me, and we moved from Phoenix, back home to SLC, where I grew up. I can’t tell you how much he helped me out and showed me the ropes while we were both there together. While I was there he was looking to buy a motorcycle, I helped him pick one out and we went on quite a few rides together. We had a lot of fun that summer.

One of the things that I have always said about Doogie is that if I was ever in a emergency situation in an airplane, I sure hope that he would be there with me. Not that I would ever want to put anyone in danger, but he was just that good of a pilot. Very calm, level headed, and one of the best skilled pilots I have ever had the chance to fly with. Doogie eventually left to Scenic Airlines, and then got on at SkyWest. About 8 months later, I got on at SkyWest as well. I would see him in the crew lounge, and call him every once in a while. I can’t really tell you how many ways he made a difference in my life. I was kinda caught in a slump when I was in Phoenix, and that all turned around once I got hired by Doogie in Provo. My wife and I got our first house, started a family, I got on at SkyWest which was my dream since I started training, and now I am a Brasilia Captain in SLC. Doogie gave me a chance, and I will never forget him. He was one of the nicest guys I have ever met and I will miss him a lot. I am so sorry for your loss and I will be keeping you in my prayers.
Jason Kros

Chris Bradford sends -

One of my favorite memories of Doogie happened not too long after he got home from his mission. He had invited me to go down to Blanding with him, his primary objective to collect his white truck he loved so much. The whole trip was fun for both of us. After many adventures, including being pulled over by the Highway Patrol for speeding with a cab-ful of loaded 22's, which somehow he sweet-talked his way out of, it was time to head home in his truck. One of the issues the truck was suffering from was a broken speedometer. As I recall, it was registering the speed of the truck much too low. As we drove, we would periodically use mile marker posts and the time it took to travel between them to estimate our speed. Well, we were travelling through Price, Doogie spotted a Highway Patrolman ahead of us, and wished out loud that he could convince them to use their radar gun to clock his speed. About ten seconds later, he started accelerating to catch up with the HP car. When he did catch them, he pulled along side of them and started waving wildly to get their attention (their were two officers in the car). I thought he had lost his mind!! From the look on the officers faces, it was obvious they thought the same thing. He signaled to them to stop, and they pulled up behind us as we pulled off the side of the road. The looks on their faces was priceless. Anyway, Doog hopped out and tried to convince them to follow him and clock his speed. They refused, but they insisted that they had been driving 65 mph, and so he was good since he was travelling along side of them. We were both certain that we had been lied to since we figured they were doing closer to 75, but what could we do. Shortly thereafter, we were calculating our speed again. Anyway, that's the only time I have ever been present while pulling over a cop. I am glad it was with Doogie.

Mark Herbold sends -

I wanted to pass along my memory of Gordon. I know we all have different stories of Gordon, but for me, Gordon was never one to hold back, he always told you like he saw it... (even if I disagreed :)) He would be consider by some to be cocky and I might even agree, but even that he did with great talent. Only a few would be able to get that title and still not be considered obnoxious or arrogant, I never consider him either one of those. The more you got to know him he would tend to prove that his "cockiness" came from his ability to "back it up"...

I remember one time that I went over to his house and he was in the process of making a flight bag. I remember thinking to myself "what's the point... just buy one" That was not his style, he said he could make one better at a fraction of the price. I tend to think it was more to the point that he could make one better, rather than having anything to do with the price.

The other trait that Gordon had and that I hope many will remember is family. Through many late night talks, the topic of family would come and how we would protect and provide and prepare for our families. He told me that if shit ever went down in this world where he had to get home, his passengers would get a one way trip to Queen Creek, AZ and he would land a 747 on Ellsworth road... The image of him getting out of a full plane cracked me up... but I am thinking I should probably believe him... LOL.

I also would like to thank Gordon! Thanks for allowing me into your life however brief. I wish I paid more attention! I will also say that with your passing, I will pay more attention. Thanks you Gordon, I will have one for you!! You have defiantly augured a special place in my heart, something not easily done.

To Val and the kids, My heart goes out to you as well as the rest of my family, even those that you have never met. Lots of Love, laughs and prayers so that you will remain strong! We love you guys! Godspeed
Mark Herbold

Brian Bradford sends -

From the time we were little cousins running around Grandma Rae's house, I have always looked up to Doogie. He was always very confident, happy, extremely bright, and everybody had a good time when he was around. All the cousins looked up to him and wanted to be with him. He was always thering leader, organizing some big game or a trick to play on the grown-ups.

In the fall of 2000, Doogie hired me to work for him at H & H Technology. I enjoyed being able to spend that time with him. He was the same person that I knew growing up. He was very confident in running his business and he knew his stuff. He could wire up the most complicated security system panels with his eyes closed. There was nothing that he couldn't do and no situation that he couldn't confidently handle. It was always a good time when I was with him and he put a smile on everybody's face that was around him.

He was a light that touched all our lives. It is hard to see that light go out for a little time. We will miss him.

Keep them coming!!!

Just want to tell all of you THANK YOU!! All of these stories give us great strength, and a good laugh which is just what is needed!! Please keep them coming!!! Including you.....yeah you, the one who thinks we have enough and your story isn't worth is and WE WANT IT!!! ;)

Jason Bradford sends -

Words can't express the feelings that anybody who was lucky enough to get to know Doogie has right now. You have an inspired idea by gathering these thoughts and memories of Doogie so that your children will be able to learn even more what a special dad they have. The first thing that comes to mind when I think about Doogie was his desire to help others, but more importantly, his ability to recognize when somebody needed help and simply just do it.

My first year at college at Utah State, Doogie showed up at our apartment and asked to sleep on our couch that night because he had some business in Logan the next morning. As my roommates and I were hanging out with him that evening, I told him that I needed to go grocery shopping because I was out of about everything. He wanted to come with me and as we pushed the cart around the store, he started loaded the cart up with all kinds of food and treats that he thought I would like. When he saw the look on my face that I couldn't afford all of the stuff that he was putting in my cart, he informed me that this trip was on him and then just went back to filling the cart. For some reason, that experience has always stuck with me and has helped me look for ways to help others as he always did. It was while working for Doogie that I took my first airplane ride (although he wasn't a pilot then) and it was with him that I took my first cross-country trip in a U-Haul truck, shooting paintballs at truckers along the way. There are so many fun memories of him and I'm sure that everyone who knew him has similar memories as well. He is already greatly missed.

Love, Jason Bradford

Ray Harvey sends -

I have been remembering my fairly recent re-acquaintance with Doogie and would like to share my thoughts concerning this contact. My name is Ray Harvey and my Sister was Zona Hyde. I was fortunate to get to know Doogie at my sister's funeral and was so impressed with this truly fine, young man! I had recently suffered from a hearing loss and, at the time of the funeral, had very limited hearing. I could not function well in an environment with high background noise and depended on a small whiteboard as my primary way to communicate. Doogie came to my rescue! He spent a lot of time at the house sitting beside me writing notes on the whiteboard so that I was able to grasp, somewhat, various conversations going on around me. Also, at the cemetery, he once again sat beside me and tried to keep me informed as to what was being said. Now, remembering back, I must say that my impression of Doogie was: "What a fine, upstanding, thoughtful young man he was!" Although I was not fortunate to have known him as an adult , I feel I was blessed to have had this brief contact with him. Because of Doogie, I found it easier to get through a really sad time in my life. My prayers are with him and his family.

Julie Porter sends -

I wanted to share the following thought with the Hyde children:
I didn't know your dad fact, I only met him once. I visit teach with your mother each month, though, and I wanted to share something that's been running through my mind since your father passed. One time we were talking about the importance of having great examples in our children's lives for them to follow. Your mom talked about your dad and told me and the girl we were visiting that even though Gordon was gone sometimes to fly for his job, he was a GREAT father. She told us of how much he loved each of you and how he loved to spend time with you. She always had something positive and good to say about him and there was never a doubt to those around her that she loved him dearly. I hope you'll always know of the love she has for him, and the love he obviously had for each of you. May the Lord bless you to keep the good memories alive in your minds and hearts.

Julie Porter

Mandy Briner sends -

Dear Hyde Family,
I cannot even begin to tell you how saddened I am to hear about your loss. I am keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers throughout this difficult time. Gordon was the type of Captain I looked forward to flying with...always in a cheerful mood, team player, and all-around great guy. He definitely made the trips go by faster and always made me enjoy my job a little more because there were people like him with whom I got the pleasure of working with and getting to know. The generous gift your family is giving of organ donation will allow his legacy to live on. My father passed away while awaiting a heart transplant when I was a teenager, so I know those others families will truly appreciate your selfless gift of life. And I'm sure that the type of guy that Gordon was,...he would want it no other way as well.

Some memories that I have from flying with Gordon... First, and foremost, he was a FAMILY MAN!!!! He was constantly bragging about his kiddos and his "hot wife"!!! (And I'm a female FO!!) He often said he didn't know what he did to get so lucky to have Valerie. He especially liked the cruises that you often took together!! He absolutely ADORED his kids!!! I was always happy to see updated pictures on his iPhone. I also thought it was cute that he was "impressed" that his daughter was able to break his phone, since she was just a little thing, and he had dropped it several times without it ever breaking!!! I also found it funny that he was surprised that "an old married dad like him" actually had friend requests on Facebook, after he thought he should "check it out" since his sons were using the website. That's just the type of guy he all-around humble great guy, dad, and husband. I was also quite impressed with his flight bag craftsmanship!!! I couldn't believe he was telling the truth when he said he purchased an actual cow hide and constructed that puppy from scratch!!! Definitely the only guy I know that has ever done that! Lastly, one of the funniest memories that I have of Gordon, which might also be sensored from the kids till they're older, is him showing the flight attendant and I the "............." video on YouTube on his iPhone!!! I don't know what was funnier,...the video, or the fact that Gordon got such a kick out of it!!! Not at all what I was expecting him to show us on the iPhone...too funny!! I, as well as all of the other SkyWest crewmembers, feel extremely fortunate to have gotten to know such a wonderful man. He always had a smile on his face and brightened everyone's days just a little more. He will truly be missed. We will all be thinking of your family during this terribly tough time.

My deepest sympathy,
Mandy Briner, ORD First Officer

Andy Morgan sends -

Dear Valerie and Family, I am a pilot at Skywest and like all was saddened to hear of Gordon's news... I want you to know that my heart goes out to your family and kids during this time in your lifes. Flying takes us all sorts of places that we at times dont want to be like the long layovers and snowy runways while at the same time giving us opportunities that we might have never had if we didn't choose to fly. I know Gordon now has passed on and your family's journey in life will be hard as I have experienced several friends in this career pass on. I hope a reminder to your children will allways be the airplanes that keep flying in rememberance and passion to the brave pilots that everyday "risk it all" for the ones they love. I can tell from the pictures on the blog to the smiles on your kids faces that Gordon loved flying.

Phillip Smith sends -

I am sorry for your family's loss. Doogie was a hilarious guy. I am really glad I could be counted as his friend in High school. I remember going to his house and playing some kind of flight simulator game on the computer. I had no idea he would grow up to actually be a pilot. I remember camping out on the trampoline in his backyard. I remember how proud he was in auto shop when he helped rebuild a car engine. I remember laughing at the Pauley Shore comedy tape that he always played. I remember that he is the one who gave me the nickname "Suave" after the song Rico Suave came out.I really wish I could have stayed in contact with him after highschool but I have not been good at that with anyone.I wish your family all the best and hope you remember that Families can be Forever.

Phillip (Suave)

Danny Harper sends -

Dear Hyde Family,
I am so sorry for your loss. I wanted to write a quick message about Gordon. I was lucky enough to get to know Gordon over the past several years at Skywest. We were paired for several training events, and I have to say I couldn't have asked for a better partner on those occasions. Gordon was a true pro and I would have put my family on his airplanes anytime. He truly loved his profession, and spoke very lovingly about his family. I will always remember his upbeat attitude and his outstanding smile. He seemed to love life and there is no doubt in my mind he lived every day to the fullest. I am confident he will always be in your hearts, and you will exude his strength and spirit through your lives. As tough as this must be for you all, I am sure you will find peace.
Danny Harper
Skywest Captain

Mindy Herbold sends -

The first time I met Gordon was an exciting time. Valerie, Gordon, Josh, Brad and Hyper Hailey came over for a swim. We all sat around, watched our beautiful children laugh and play. Valerie left early that night because Hailey needed her bath/bed. The older boys had a sleep over and Mark and I visited with Gordon until the wee hours of the night getting to know him and listening to ALL his great stories. We sat around for hours while Gordon told his funny, funny life stories. When he left Mark and I said, we love that guy, he is so energetic, funny and such an outgoing guy…. Gordon ALWAYS had a tale to tale, he made us laugh and there was never a silent moment when he was present. I feel so very blessed to have gotten to know Gordon.