Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mindy Herbold sends -

The first time I met Gordon was an exciting time. Valerie, Gordon, Josh, Brad and Hyper Hailey came over for a swim. We all sat around, watched our beautiful children laugh and play. Valerie left early that night because Hailey needed her bath/bed. The older boys had a sleep over and Mark and I visited with Gordon until the wee hours of the night getting to know him and listening to ALL his great stories. We sat around for hours while Gordon told his funny, funny life stories. When he left Mark and I said, we love that guy, he is so energetic, funny and such an outgoing guy…. Gordon ALWAYS had a tale to tale, he made us laugh and there was never a silent moment when he was present. I feel so very blessed to have gotten to know Gordon.


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