Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mark Herbold sends -

I wanted to pass along my memory of Gordon. I know we all have different stories of Gordon, but for me, Gordon was never one to hold back, he always told you like he saw it... (even if I disagreed :)) He would be consider by some to be cocky and I might even agree, but even that he did with great talent. Only a few would be able to get that title and still not be considered obnoxious or arrogant, I never consider him either one of those. The more you got to know him he would tend to prove that his "cockiness" came from his ability to "back it up"...

I remember one time that I went over to his house and he was in the process of making a flight bag. I remember thinking to myself "what's the point... just buy one" That was not his style, he said he could make one better at a fraction of the price. I tend to think it was more to the point that he could make one better, rather than having anything to do with the price.

The other trait that Gordon had and that I hope many will remember is family. Through many late night talks, the topic of family would come and how we would protect and provide and prepare for our families. He told me that if shit ever went down in this world where he had to get home, his passengers would get a one way trip to Queen Creek, AZ and he would land a 747 on Ellsworth road... The image of him getting out of a full plane cracked me up... but I am thinking I should probably believe him... LOL.

I also would like to thank Gordon! Thanks for allowing me into your life however brief. I wish I paid more attention! I will also say that with your passing, I will pay more attention. Thanks you Gordon, I will have one for you!! You have defiantly augured a special place in my heart, something not easily done.

To Val and the kids, My heart goes out to you as well as the rest of my family, even those that you have never met. Lots of Love, laughs and prayers so that you will remain strong! We love you guys! Godspeed
Mark Herbold

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