Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Chris Bradford sends -

One of my favorite memories of Doogie happened not too long after he got home from his mission. He had invited me to go down to Blanding with him, his primary objective to collect his white truck he loved so much. The whole trip was fun for both of us. After many adventures, including being pulled over by the Highway Patrol for speeding with a cab-ful of loaded 22's, which somehow he sweet-talked his way out of, it was time to head home in his truck. One of the issues the truck was suffering from was a broken speedometer. As I recall, it was registering the speed of the truck much too low. As we drove, we would periodically use mile marker posts and the time it took to travel between them to estimate our speed. Well, we were travelling through Price, Doogie spotted a Highway Patrolman ahead of us, and wished out loud that he could convince them to use their radar gun to clock his speed. About ten seconds later, he started accelerating to catch up with the HP car. When he did catch them, he pulled along side of them and started waving wildly to get their attention (their were two officers in the car). I thought he had lost his mind!! From the look on the officers faces, it was obvious they thought the same thing. He signaled to them to stop, and they pulled up behind us as we pulled off the side of the road. The looks on their faces was priceless. Anyway, Doog hopped out and tried to convince them to follow him and clock his speed. They refused, but they insisted that they had been driving 65 mph, and so he was good since he was travelling along side of them. We were both certain that we had been lied to since we figured they were doing closer to 75, but what could we do. Shortly thereafter, we were calculating our speed again. Anyway, that's the only time I have ever been present while pulling over a cop. I am glad it was with Doogie.

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