Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I have to laugh tonight! I sit here reading all of these stories and memories that fill me with happiness and laughter. I shake my head thinking... Cocky..... nah he wasn't. He was truly amazing!! He told me he was most of the days of my life!!! He always knew how wonderful he was, turns out he was right all along ;)

I am grateful for the lessons he is currently teaching me. There have been many this last week, and I know there will be more coming. He was a great teacher and boss, althought if you didn't get it the first time he showed you, you were SOL. So you had better be paying attention the first time!! He made me push myself to be better. He was my rock.

Truthfully, I have never met a more... intelligent, loving, strong willed, hard headed, sense of direction like he was compass, hard working, problem solving, expert on everything, the most impatient, tender hearted, most charitable, best at everything he did, completely trustworthy, have my best interest at heart, always going to give it to me straight, and the most upstanding man in my life. Can you tell I loved him?? Oh, and did I meantion that he had great hair?? He did!! He was quite impressed with his hair, always telling Valerie she was jealous of his thick locks! He was all that!! I love him dearly.

He was the greatest father. He always was able to discipline without ever raising his voice. Once in a while when one of our kids were being naughty, his "daddy voice" was needed....(all you dad's know what I am talking about..that deep, "hey I'm not kidding" voice you all have)......, but never a harsh word or any yelling was ever needed nor tolerated. SIMPLY AN OUTSTANDING FATHER, UNCLE, BROTHER AND FRIEND. I love you Doogie.

I know a lot of people are needing to make plans for the funeral. We are trying to get him home as soon as we can. Hoping we will have more info from Chicago tomorrow as to when we can expect his arrival in Utah. We are planning a viewing for Sunday evening. Still planning for a funeral service Monday in Sandy with burial in Monticello on Tuesday. All plans should be finalized tomorrow after we get that info.

Thank you again for all the prayers, love and support. The kindness of family, friends, co-workers, and complete strangers has been mind boggling. We are very grateful, and blessed.

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