Friday, June 5, 2009

Matthew Hyde sends -

Ok, I tried this once and it disappeared. I have never blogged or communicated with a computer other than E-Mail. and I can't spell so deal with it please.

This has hit me very hard. Me and Doogie were the same age and grew up together. He was a champion of friends. He made them everywhere he went and always has. Doogie taught me how to ski, how to Hunt, how to shoot many different weapons, And along with ZONA, Gordon, and NINA helped me through a terrible divorce.

My Dad Larry Hyde (Doogie's Great Uncle) Made it clear to me that Doogie's dad was more his brother than his nephew.(He was closer in age than an uncle). My entire life my dad has bragged on Doogie and I have been able to keep track that way for the last 14 years. Every couple of months he tells me all great things he has been up to. I wish I would have made a greater effort to know him better personally after our teenage years.

We once picked up on some women while we shot a dear. I don't know if that was the worst of that trip or the fact he jumped up and down in the trunk of my convertible to fit the meat for the trip home. That same trip we dragged Gordon out and took him hunting the last time before he died. He shot from the seat of his truck.

We always went on Black diamond courses on the ski hills when neither of us had any business there. In these ways we are exactly the same and really tore it up together. It may be good we didn't stay tight or I doubt a mission was in the works.

In a way I am glad Zona is on the other side of the vale because this would kill her in a moment. My little family spent an entire 2 weeks a year in Monticello every year for the last 15 years. We spent much of that time with Zona. Some trips all of it. I swear I could tell you how long Doogie's hair was and if he had gained any weight or lost an eyelash when I was around her. He was loved by many and will be missed.

I am drawn to Monticello like it is my home, where I should be, I can't stay away. He was a part of creating my Monticello.

I Need to point our something about Robyn, OF course we all had a crush on her.... DUH

This is the second one to go from that group of boys. Shantee went missing years ago.

Since this news I cannot look at my 2 little boys without thinking about Doogie's Dad and how this has torn away a huge part of him, my own mortality, and in turn shedding a tear.I know this is not as positive as the rest. I am not that strong. I needed to say this stuff and I hope I have not been selfish in my grief.

I love you Lynn II-

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