Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jason Bradford sends -

Words can't express the feelings that anybody who was lucky enough to get to know Doogie has right now. You have an inspired idea by gathering these thoughts and memories of Doogie so that your children will be able to learn even more what a special dad they have. The first thing that comes to mind when I think about Doogie was his desire to help others, but more importantly, his ability to recognize when somebody needed help and simply just do it.

My first year at college at Utah State, Doogie showed up at our apartment and asked to sleep on our couch that night because he had some business in Logan the next morning. As my roommates and I were hanging out with him that evening, I told him that I needed to go grocery shopping because I was out of about everything. He wanted to come with me and as we pushed the cart around the store, he started loaded the cart up with all kinds of food and treats that he thought I would like. When he saw the look on my face that I couldn't afford all of the stuff that he was putting in my cart, he informed me that this trip was on him and then just went back to filling the cart. For some reason, that experience has always stuck with me and has helped me look for ways to help others as he always did. It was while working for Doogie that I took my first airplane ride (although he wasn't a pilot then) and it was with him that I took my first cross-country trip in a U-Haul truck, shooting paintballs at truckers along the way. There are so many fun memories of him and I'm sure that everyone who knew him has similar memories as well. He is already greatly missed.

Love, Jason Bradford

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  1. Jason- Remember him putting tootsie rolls in his ears on the plane that night because it was so loud?? That picture of him with those things in his ears sticking out has replayed and replayed in my mind, as well as your and Doog's skills with those slingshots, the Peterbilt joke to every trucker, and of course....The ONE HEADLIGHT song that he loved!! Good time, better memories!!