Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Brian Bradford sends -

From the time we were little cousins running around Grandma Rae's house, I have always looked up to Doogie. He was always very confident, happy, extremely bright, and everybody had a good time when he was around. All the cousins looked up to him and wanted to be with him. He was always thering leader, organizing some big game or a trick to play on the grown-ups.

In the fall of 2000, Doogie hired me to work for him at H & H Technology. I enjoyed being able to spend that time with him. He was the same person that I knew growing up. He was very confident in running his business and he knew his stuff. He could wire up the most complicated security system panels with his eyes closed. There was nothing that he couldn't do and no situation that he couldn't confidently handle. It was always a good time when I was with him and he put a smile on everybody's face that was around him.

He was a light that touched all our lives. It is hard to see that light go out for a little time. We will miss him.

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