Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Captain Patric sends-

I didn't know Gordon well, I'd say we were good acquaintances. Gordon somehow knew me first, When I started working for SkyWest not quite 3 years ago, I remember he would always say hi to me in passing, and he always knew my name. I always felt bad because I couldn't figure out how he knew me or how he knew my name. Finally one day someone told me he worked at Scenic, before SkyWest. This helped a bit, because I too worked at Scenic, but I still could remember Gordon. Regardless, Gordon became a familiar face at work. When I transfered to Chicago this past January, I ran into Gordon more often, than when I was based in Salt Lake City. Every time I walked into the crewroom, if Gordon was in there, I always got a "Hey Patric" from him. We would always shoot the breeze for a few minutes, ask each other if we were starting or finishing a trip, say something to the effect of "when Mesa was gonna go belly up" and then go about our day. About a week before the accident, I was sitting in the Chicago crewroom, Gordon pulled up a chair next to me, sat down and said "So what are we gonna do about Mesa, Patric?" I laughed, because we had, had this talk before. Like usual, we shot the breeze for a few minutes, then Gordon said he thought we were flying together later in the month, I said, if we were, I was looking forward to it. He told me he'd see me then, that was the last time I saw or talked to him. I will miss seeing him around. He was a good man, and although I never got the chance to fly with him, I am sure he was a good Captain to be sitting next to in the flightdeck. My thoughts go with your family during this tragic time. I wish I had the opportunity to have know Gordon better, I do know, that I will never forget him...

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