Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Did you know....

Doogie loved picking out Dooney & Bourke purses for his wife and sisters? He says..
"Duck Out" meaning make sure the duck symbol is facing out so he can see it!!

Doogie drove a Doog truck Chevy, before he had his Doog Truck Dodge.. It was really loud and he loved it. He use to take me to school and embarrass (ok he made me cry) me to the point that I would beg my father to please make him stop. When I hear "glass pack" or hear another loud truck take off I still shutter.

Doogie mastered all trampoline moves and taught his boys how to do back flip after back flip without stopping or taking an extra bounce.

Doogie was 5 foot 1 inch when he got his first license in Winnemucca, Nevada. He grew 13 inches in one year. Ouch!

Doogie keeps every electronic key card to all the hotel rooms he has ever stayed at?

Doogie loved Muenster cheese, chocolate pudding, nutty bars, frozen cupcakes, granola bars, oreos, ceviche and plantain??? Who am I kidding... he loved food, all types. Loved trying new things whenever he was able to.

Doogie had a "special" relationship with a monkey on a string that he gave a pea to in Barbados. Oh...that monkey showed Doog how much he loved him!!! ...lol

Doogie loved to see people experience life in new ways, that he had seen or experienced before. He was so excited to see Matt happy as a child being rained on in a rainforest, seeing a orange crab crawling around in the rainforest, or a boiling lake in Dominica.

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