Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Update

Today we have learned that he has pneumonia in both lungs as well as two blood clots. They have done a procedure to put a "basket" into the vena cava to help, but he did not tolerate this procedure well. We are asking for everyone to increase prayers if possible. He is completely sedated and is back to the highest level on the ventilator.

I want to apologize to anyone who may have taken offense to the 50 things post. It is not our intention to hurt anyone, and it was posted to give us a laugh, not to offend. I have removed it. If you would like a copy of the email or be able to read it again, let me know and I will forward it to you.

Thank you for all the support, love and prayers.


  1. I'm praying for you all!
    I'm sad to hear someone may have taken offense to the 50 things post. It was fun for me to read because in all honesty, I do not know Doogie very well and I enjoyed his humor and took it in the light-hearted sence it was written. I can see how it's easy to be around him and to be laughing and having a good time!
    I hope you keep sharing him with us! :)

  2. Val - we fasted for Doogie & your family yesterday. Will increase the prayers today. We love you!

    cousin Karren

  3. Val my prayers are with all of you at this time. I love Doogie like a brother. He is such a fun person to be around. I can't remember a time that he didn't have a smile on his face.

    Cassie Purcell

  4. Val,

    Still thinking of Doogie all day and keeping you in my prayers full-time. I had a great laugh reading the 50 things post and it reminded me of all the things I like about Doogie. We always shared so many traits! Keep your chin up.



  5. Hey Val,
    I think it is pretty selfish for someone to complain right now at a time like this. I've never heard Gordy mean to say something to hurt someone's feelings. This is a man that will give you the shirt off his back! We love you Gordy, you always make us laugh !

    You are in our thoughts 24/7
    Love Bob, Trece & Tyler