Saturday, June 6, 2009

Memorial Service being held in Arizona -

We will be having a memorial service down in Queen Creek on Saturday, June 13th, at 6 pm. I believe it will be at the Cloud Creek LDS Church, More info will be put up soon.

Capt. Dave Luker with First Officer Steven Yoo flew Doog home today. They had many pilots that lined the tarmac today as they loaded him on the plane, I was told that they saluted him. There was film and pictures taken and we will post them as I get them. They flew him home and arrived with an escort to the gate, two fire department trucks that gave him a Water Cannon honor, all of our families were there to receive him. It was sad, yet an amazing experience as they brought him off, draped with a SkyWest flag. Many Captains and other pilots placed him into the Coach. It was simply wonderful, and an honor that I will remember the rest of my life. We have filmed and taken many pictures. We will work to get this up so everyone may enjoy it. Thank you all. Thank you SkyWest.

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  1. We live down the street from Gordon & his beautiful family. I remeber one of the first times I had talked to him, he noticed that I had a dirtbike & he told me we should go out riding sometime. I didn't know him that well & I thought to myself - ya whatever. After that day he kept approaching me about taking the bikes out. Finally one day I walked down to his house & knocked on the door. Josh answered & I could see Gordon had been taking a nap on the couch. I asked him if he still wanted to go and he told me to give him ten minutes. I walked back down to my house and ten minutes later, here he came all suited up riding his bike. We live close to a wash so we were able to just ride right from the house. We left the house and I noticed my bike was runnng kind of funny. I hardly ever rode it, so I just thought that it would clean itself out as we rode. After riding for a while, we took a break & he pulled out a couple of water bottles out of his fanny pack. (something I didn't think of) We took off again & we came across an area that had Jackrabbits running out of the bushes everywhere. He stopped me and told me that we should chase them. I had never done this before, so I agreed. After a few minutes, I found myself cracking up out loud inside my helmet as he was pointing out the rabbits and we were hearding the rabbits with our bike as if they were cattle. After about thirty minutes, my engine blew up. So, I sat there listening to Gordy chase down these rabbits. He noticed that I wasn't with him so he rode up and asked me what the problem was. I told him that my bike was done & without hesitation, he said he was going to get his truck. He took off and I started pushing my bike. After about a mile of pushing, I looked up and here comes Gordy in his truck down a road that wasn't really made for vehicles. He got out, set a couple of beers on the tailgate and said "lets take a break first." After laughing about the rabbit round-up for a while, we loaded up my bike and took off for the house.
    After this day, I thought to myself, this guy & I are going to be pretty good friends. It turns out that I was only partially right on this assumption. He ended up being like a brother to me. He always had a smooth way of taking care of a bad situation. I'm glad to be his neighbor & I will never forget all the good times we had together. Thank you Gordy for all that you did for my family & I! We will miss you but think of you always!!
    Lots of Love,
    Bob Smith