Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jared Carson sends -

Sorry Jared for just finding this in the comments and now just getting it posted-Holly

I'm probably putting this in the wrong spot, but I just wanted to give my best to Gordon, Holly and everyone that has been hit by this tragedy, especially his beautiful little family.

I worked for Doogie for a couple years. We had some of the best times I can remember. Everyone reading this already knows Doogie was up for anything. One of my favorite memories that still makes me laugh out loud is when we were driving through the south shooting up every car that we saw with these semi-automatic paintball guns Doogie had bought for us in Tennessee. We were on the highway in Little Rock, Arkansas and I had fired 50 or so rounds out of the passenger side of the 23 foot Uhaul we were driving. When I sat back down to reload, I remember looking over at Doogie. He was driving at the time and he had this huge grin spread across his face with his paintball gun out the window, completely unloading on the unsuspecting citizens of Little Rock. I remember thinking how hilarious it was to see him so happy as we fired up Little Rock's Highway.

We had so much fun. Doogie lived with no regrets. I looked up to his do anything attitude. He wasnt afraid to approach any project, even if he had never done anything like it. His brain worked better than most brains, and he knew it but he wasnt in your face about it. I'm proud to have worked with Doogie and I'm proud that he was a friend of mine.

Jared Carson

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