Sunday, June 7, 2009

Todd Goetsch sends -

Hyde Family,
I heard about Gordon's passing this week from another mission companion, and have been reading through everyone's memories on the blog. I just wanted to send a quick note with some memories of my time with Hyde Choro in Japan. (just as others only know him as Doogie, I only know him as Hyde Choro!)
I first met him in the MTC- he was in a group about a month behind us, and I remember in one of our combined class meetings one day, he was passionately talking about assault weapon bans in California... he was never afraid to speak his mind on whatever topic was up for discussion (and he was quite a gun rights advocate, based on our discussion that day)!
About a year later, we became companions in the Mino area (I see on the blog page that the two of you went there last year- we visited that waterfall often!). It was just a few weeks before he left Japan to finish up his mission in the States. To say it was a challenging time for him would be an understatement, but in the few weeks we served together, I remember his sense of humor, his desire to do what was right, and that he was an all-around good guy. I thought of him often both during the rest of my mission, and in the 15 years since, but never kept in touch. He obviously was living a great life, with a beautiful family and a great job, making a difference in people's lives everyday.
I am so sorry for your loss... the gospel gives us hope for the eternities, but I pray that the Holy Ghost will comfort you all through this difficult time.
Best regards,
Todd Goetsch(Getchi Choro)

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