Monday, June 1, 2009

Paula Jorgensen sent -

We live down the street from Gordy (as we call him) & Val. Val also watches our daughter Emily during the day. Emily loves "uncle Gordon" as she calls him! A few weeks ago after hanging out at another neighbors house, my husband and I were getting ready to head home with Emily... when we realized she wasn't around. When I went out front to find her I see Emily (my 3 yr old) on Gordy's lap driving his big white truck down the road. He was telling her to turn as she was coming towards us. Gordy and the boys in the back of the pickup truck were cracking up as Emily ran the truck up the curb and onto the sidewalk! Emily still talks about how she got to drive "uncle Gordon's" big truck. We love you and miss you Hyde Family. Hope to see you all soon! The Jorgensen Family (Jeremy, Paula & Emie)

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