Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Karlyn Salazar sends -

You know, I have been thinking about this all day, and I don't think I have a single 'childhood Monticello memory' that doesn't include Doogie, Audree and Holly. The first thing I think of when I think of Doogie (or Lynn-two) is how confident and fearless he was freakin' funny, I swear, that kid had a hysterical story for everything. Some of the memories that come to my mind are: walking to the gas station in Monticello to buy beef jerky - because a trip to Monticello just wasn't a trip to Monticello without beef jerky from the local gas station. 'The Tractor park' That tractor was SO HUGE, or were we just small? Fishing at the Lake, never actually catching a fish myself, but Matthew and Lynn-two always caught several. Worms, worms, worms and more worms. Walking to the local 'Market' and buying the cheap toys that were on the bottom shelf, Lynn-two always knew the best ones to get, like the marbles and the parachute guys - that always got stuck in the trees. While all of the adults sat on the patio 'visiting' all us kids were causing 'a rucus' with the neighbor kids, Lynn-two, David, Randy and Matthew doing strange things with raw eggs and the cute girls next door. And, I'm pretty sure that all three of them had completely innocent cousin type crushes on Robyn. The absolutely fabulous swing set in the back yard that we would all fight over who got to get on what. Lynn-two, Jordan, Matthew, Randy and David (I believe) having a head standing contest in Zona's back yard....Jordan won. Lynn-two absolutely convincing us that Gordon's shed was haunted. Watching the fireworks in the back yard, the perfect view. Playing the old games that were in Grandma Nina's closet and under her table. I remember one time when all us kids slept in sleeping bags on Granma Nina's very hard floor, Matthew and Lynn-two making scary noises, again trying to convince us that the house was haunted (I'm still not sure it wasn't). I even have a memory of Shontee, Matthew, Doogie, Audree and I going on a hike.My favorite 'childhood memory' was Thanksgiving, probably 1982, Zona had made about one million pies, she had them all sitting on the kitchen table, for some reason Lynn-two, Audree and I thought that it would be a great idea to steal one of the chocolate ones....we did, we went into the bathroom and ate the ENTIRE pie. In hind site, I realize that Zona knew, but she just didn't say anything to anyone. We thought we were so sneaky.
Another, more 'recent' memory I have debated about sharing because it is rather embarrassing for me, but why not share it? Doogie and my best friend dated for a short time. One night, we were scheduled to go on a double date, I got stood up (embarrassment #1), but Doogie insisted that we all still do something. So the three of us drove out to Salt Lake and drove around the Foothill area for what seemed like forever until he found the home of one of his Mission companions parents. He was so determined to talk to this couple, he wanted to make sure that they knew what a wonderful son they had. My friend and I waited in his car - a little two door red car - because we were immature and didn't feel comfortable going in. While waiting for him she and I decided to have a farting contest, because again, we were immature. The whole time Doogie was in this house none of our farts were stinky (I know, amazing). Right as Doogie walked out of the door, I said, "Okay, I have a huge one!" My friend said, "No Karlyn, don't do it, he is right there!" I didn't listen to her and I let it rip!!! REALLY, I SHOULD NOT HAVE DONE THIS! It was the absolute most stinky fart EVER! It literally smelled like rotten cabbage (embarrassment #2). My friend was not happy with me, but neither one of us could stop laughing. Doogie got in the car and ask what was so funny, we couldn't answer due to our laughter. Doogie proceeded to drive away, then he rolled his window down, then he stuck his head out the window, then he was breathing the outside air. All the while my friend and I were speechless due to laughter. I finally composed myself enough to apologize (embarrassment #3). It ends up, he was just trying to be a gentleman! He didn't know if it was my friend that did it, or me, he didn't want to embarrass my friend. I actually shared this story on a facebook note that I did a couple of weeks ago, the question was, "What do you think of when you hear the word cabbage?" I like this story because it shows how determined he was to talk to the parents, just so he could tell them that he thought their son was fantastic. It shows that he was concerned about his nerdy cousin that was stood up. And he was concerned about my friend being embarrassed in a new relationship.
I'm sure that there are several more, this is just what has come to me through out the day. I haven't had a chance to go through pictures, but I will.
I feel so sad that we have not kept in touch through out the years. You guys were all such a huge part of my childhood, please, let's be better at this whole keeping in touch thing. I love you guys so much and just ache for all of you. You will be in my prayers...always.

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  1. Ok, I tryed this once and it disapeared. I have never blogged or communicated with a computor other than E-Mail. and I cant spell so deal with it please.

    This has hit me very hard. Me and Doogie were the same age and grew up together.
    He was a champion of freinds. He made them everywhere he went and always has.
    Doogie taught me how to ski,how to Hunt,how to shoot many different weapons,And alond with ZONA, Gordon, and NINA. helped me through a terrible divorce.

    My Dad Larry Hyde (Doogies Great Uncle) Made it clear to me that Doogies dad was more his brother than his nephew.(He was closer in age than an uncle). My entire life my dad has bragged on Doogie and I have been able to keep track that way for the last 14 years.Every couple o months he tells me all great things he has been up to. I wish I would have made a greater effort to know him better oersonally after our teenage years.

    We once picked up on some women while we shot a dear. I dont know if that was the worst of that trip or the fact he jumped up and down in the trumk of my convertable to fit the meat for the trip home. that same trip we dragged Goron out and took him hunting the lat time before he died. He shot from the seat of his truck.

    We alwas went on Black diamond courses on the ski hills when neither of us had any business there. In these ways we are exacatly the same and really tore it up togther. It may be good we didnt stay tight or I doubt a mission was in the works.

    In a way I am glad Zona is on the other side of the vale becuase this would kill her in a moment. My little family spent an entire 2 weeks a year in Montecello every year for the last 15 years. We spent much of that time with Zona. Some trips all of it. I swear I could tell you how long doogies hair was and if he had gained any weight or lost an eyelash when I was around her.He was loved by many and will be missed.

    I am drawn to montecello like it is my home, where I should be, I cant stay away. He was a part of creating my Montecello

    I Need to point our something about Robyn, OF course we all had a crush on her.... DUH

    This is the second one to go from that group of boys. Shantee went missig years ago.

    SInce this news I cannot look at my 2 little boys without thinking about Doogies Dad and how this has torn away a huge part of him, my own mortality, and in turnn sheading a tear.

    I know this is not as possitive as the rest. I am not that strong. I needed to say this stuff and I hope I have not been selfish in my greif.

    I love you Lynn II