Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jenny Purcell Nielson sends -

I remember when Doog and Val lived in Sandy I went in their basement and saw all these plants I thought maybe he had a secret job on the side going weed no he was growing tomatoes.

When our families lived in Susanville he would come over to the house my mom would ask if he was hungry he would say no I have something and pull a hamburger out of his pocket. I don't know how long it was there maybe days but he always had one in his pocket. He would say I might get hungry ya never know.

He was so funny he alway had us laughing or crying because he was teasing us girls. There were times I think Audree and I wish we could have got him and Tom back for all the torment they put us through. We love them anyway :)

I also think Doog could have stocked the military with all the guns and ammo he had. In CA he was always reloading bullets. Doog you will be missed...

love Jenny Purcell Nielson

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