Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Julie Porter sends -

I wanted to share the following thought with the Hyde children:
I didn't know your dad fact, I only met him once. I visit teach with your mother each month, though, and I wanted to share something that's been running through my mind since your father passed. One time we were talking about the importance of having great examples in our children's lives for them to follow. Your mom talked about your dad and told me and the girl we were visiting that even though Gordon was gone sometimes to fly for his job, he was a GREAT father. She told us of how much he loved each of you and how he loved to spend time with you. She always had something positive and good to say about him and there was never a doubt to those around her that she loved him dearly. I hope you'll always know of the love she has for him, and the love he obviously had for each of you. May the Lord bless you to keep the good memories alive in your minds and hearts.

Julie Porter

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