Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jason Kros sends -

I just thought that I would write something down and share some of my experiences that I had with Doogie. I met Doogie when I was at Pan Am International Flight academy. He was one of those guys that has a infectious personality and is just fun to be around. Doogie didn’t spend much time at Pan Am, but after I was all done with my training I ended up getting a hold of him up in Provo and asking for a job at Advantage Aviation. He hired me, and we moved from Phoenix, back home to SLC, where I grew up. I can’t tell you how much he helped me out and showed me the ropes while we were both there together. While I was there he was looking to buy a motorcycle, I helped him pick one out and we went on quite a few rides together. We had a lot of fun that summer.

One of the things that I have always said about Doogie is that if I was ever in a emergency situation in an airplane, I sure hope that he would be there with me. Not that I would ever want to put anyone in danger, but he was just that good of a pilot. Very calm, level headed, and one of the best skilled pilots I have ever had the chance to fly with. Doogie eventually left to Scenic Airlines, and then got on at SkyWest. About 8 months later, I got on at SkyWest as well. I would see him in the crew lounge, and call him every once in a while. I can’t really tell you how many ways he made a difference in my life. I was kinda caught in a slump when I was in Phoenix, and that all turned around once I got hired by Doogie in Provo. My wife and I got our first house, started a family, I got on at SkyWest which was my dream since I started training, and now I am a Brasilia Captain in SLC. Doogie gave me a chance, and I will never forget him. He was one of the nicest guys I have ever met and I will miss him a lot. I am so sorry for your loss and I will be keeping you in my prayers.
Jason Kros

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